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  • An interesting discussion of jurisdictional issues with respect to assignor estoppel by Jason Williams – a 3L at W&M and Events Chair for SIPS. I’ll let the article speak for itself, but briefly it concerns whether a patentee can assert a claim of assignor estoppel in an independent action against a party who was not himself a party to previous litigation. The conclusion is that it is only an affirmative defense.
  • Pro-piracy (anti-copyright) group The Pirate Bay is suing an anti-piracy (pro-copyright) group for copyright violations. The alleged copyright violations refer to a parody website; no word on whether the lawsuit is itself parody.
  • Oral arguments in Bowman v. Monsanto are now available. H/T Josh Blackman, who notes a reference to Buck v. Bell.
  • Another (much narrower) constitutional objection to the AIA, courtesy the Federalist Society’s IP Working Group. The essay discusses the bar against patenting after secret commercial use – which may not apply after changes to section 102 made by the AIA.
  • A President’s Day reminder about how Presidents have supported IP law. (Notably absent is any discussion of Thomas Jefferson, although his birthday isn’t for another month.)
  • For those wanting a global perspective about the law – and having worked in-house last summer for a large corporation, I can tell you that global IP issues are very much relevant to practice – here’s a look at the global spread of IP law, noting that with only very few exceptions every country recognizes some sort of intellectual property regime. H/T The Legal Theory Blog.
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