And we’re back

It’s a new semester, and we’re continuing to aggregate various IP-related stories from around the web. As always, if you think there’s something we should highlight, e-mail us.

  • The Legal Theory blog brings to our attention Lisa Oullette discussing an interesting take on Patent Experimentalism:

    Local actors — patent examiners, judges, or even individual countries — should be granted broad discretion to meet centrally defined framework goals, with the requirement of defending their decisions through robust peer review.

  • Bernard Chao guests blogs at Patently-O about interpreting CLS Bank v. Alice—an important subject-matter case we’ve previously covered.
  • Over at Concurring Opinions, Irina Manta discusses whether Federal Criminal law can punish IP violations—here, here, and here. Michael Ramsey of the Originalism Blog comments here.
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