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  • From Legal Theory Blog, Rosenblatt on Intellectual Property’s Negative Space:

    The result suggests areas of misalignment between traditional intellectual property rights and remedies and the interests of many creators and innovators.

  • From the Originalism Blog, a look at the constitutional history of copyright from Randolph May and Seth Cooper.
  • Madisonian has a take on Joffe v. Google, the important case from the 9th Circuit involving whether Google’s intercepting local Wi-Fi signals might run afoul of the Wiretap Act.
  • TechDirt has an article explaining how frequent patent litigant Eli Lilly has sued Canada for… refusing to give it a patent. Apparently we need to keep an eye on NAFTA, not just TRIPS and PCT.
  • Patently-O has a guest post on Lighting Ballast v. Phillips oral argument. This is an important (en banc) case where the Federal Circuit is re-visiting the rule in Cybor Corp. about de novo review of claim construction. We’ll be paying attention to what happens here.
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