Guest Speaker: Julia Bishop

SIPS Speaker September 22, 2015: Julia Bishop

Julia Bishop currently works an associate for Troutman Sanders.  She earned her J.D. from the College of William and Mary in 2010 and has been working in the IP field since.  Julia Bishop’s current practice focuses primarily on intellectual property law, namely trademark and copyright law, and internet law, but her representation ranges in scope.  More specifically, her practice involves litigation and pre-litigation, fair-use based copyright infringement cases, and licensing agreements.

During her presentation, Julia Bishop offered advice on how to approach a career in IP law and how to succeed once you are there.  Emphasized was the concept of being a citizen lawyer.  As a lawyer you are put into position of power where you have the ability to help people.  It is important to do the best work you can for clients and to occasionally take pro bono cases.  Making the people the source of your motivation can be very helpful.  As a new attorney, it is not as necessary to bring in new cases, however it is always helpful and will lead to raises.  The best way to get new clients is by doing great work for the clients you currently have.  Reputation is everything to an attorney.

In her career, Julia Bishop worked at a number of firms and clerked for the Norfolk Circuit Court.  She noted the importance in being able to turn down an offer or leave a job if it is not what you want.  If you position yourself correctly and realize your own value, you will eventually find a job you are happy with.  Julia Bishop noted that her time clerking was a great experience and was very helpful to her career in litigation.

Additionally, Julia Bishop stressed the importance in taking an active role in law school by getting involved with a journal, a bar, and/or discussion courses.

– Ryan Klima
JD Candidate, 2018

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