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Why blog?

The SIPS blog is a place for members to post interesting articles about IP-related topics. This can have several benefits for members:

  • it demonstrates an interest in IP to potential employers
  • it can lead to a future note topic for those doing a journal
  • it gives you a way to explore an area of the law that you choose in a way that you choose

Substantive review of posts before submission

One area of concern members sometimes have is the likelihood of saying something foolish or wrong when writing about a topic they aren’t intimately familiar with. Generally, employers know you aren’t experts in the field, and they aren’t looking for learned treatises. But saying something wrong on the internet isn’t the greatest thing—so we will review your post and discuss it with you before publishing anything.

Where to get an idea for a blog post?

Another area members sometimes wonder about is how to choose what to write about—especially if they aren’t that familiar with IP law. One way to do this is to pay attention to this blog—we try to link to interesting discussions of IP-related topics around the web that may lead to more in depth posts by members. Another way to see what is currently trending in IP law is to read blogs focusing on patents, trademarks, copyrights, or whatever else interests you. Paying attention to court decisions—searching Lexis or Westlaw for instance—can also be useful. The following is a brief list of useful blogs, but there are many more available:

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