On Software Patents and Patent Trolls

by Mark Rawls Patent litigation can be a real mess. James Bessen, of Boston University, estimates that roughly half a trillion dollars was spent in the last twenty years fighting “patent trolls,” including legal costs and an estimated decline in market value. Just ask Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, . . . and the list goes on. […]

Here we go: the first major copyright dispute of the 2012 elections

by Jarred Taylor Last year, I wrote two posts describing the growing role that copyright is beginning to play in electoral politics.  The gist: using either the courts or the takedown process provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, political campaigns are facing copyright claims against their political ads from content owners such as news outlets or musicians. […]

From Bits to Atoms: 3D Printing and the Future of IP

by Jarred Taylor The Economist (among others) has recently reported on a rising technology called “3D printing.”  A moderately-sized machine (that you can buy outright or build yourself) reads a design file on your computer and creates a desired object by “printing” it from bottom to top, layer-by-layer.  It’s been used to create everything from jewelry to […]

Of Copyrights and Campaigns: Fox News Network v. Carnahan for Senate

[Note: The following post originally appears on State of Elections, the blog for William & Mary Law School’s Election Law Society.  It is cross-posted here with their generous permission.] by Jarred Taylor The intersection of copyright law and elections is growing to be an important new area of study and litigation.  The Center for Democracy and […]

Political Speech and DMCA Takedowns: An Imperfect Balance

By: Jarred Taylor If you follow election campaigns, you’re likely familiar with the idea of the October surprise.  The term refers to a last-minute revelation that forces a candidate’s campaign into crisis response mode, at a time when the slightest hiccup might derail their success.  Take, for example, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s recent woes […]

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