This is not a copy of a coffee shop, just a parody. That sells coffee.

By Dave Johnson Over the weekend, a parody coffee shop called “Dumb Starbucks” opened in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles. Dumb Starbucks closely imitates the interior design elements of the average Starbucks coffee shop; uses a nearly identical logo (the only change is the compression of the word “Starbucks” to allow room for the […]

IP Discussions Around the Web

Patent Ethics by Hricik blogs about an interesting contingency-fee dispute, where one firm allegedly dumped its client after getting an unfavorable summary-judgment decision; the client hired another firm which got a favorable ruling on appeal and settled for lots of money; and now the original firm allegedly wants its cut. Patently-O summarizes its on-going discussion […]

IP Discussions Around the Web

From Legal Theory Blog, Rosenblatt on Intellectual Property’s Negative Space: The result suggests areas of misalignment between traditional intellectual property rights and remedies and the interests of many creators and innovators. From the Originalism Blog, a look at the constitutional history of copyright from Randolph May and Seth Cooper. Madisonian has a take on Joffe […]

And we’re back

It’s a new semester, and we’re continuing to aggregate various IP-related stories from around the web. As always, if you think there’s something we should highlight, e-mail us. The Legal Theory blog brings to our attention Lisa Oullette discussing an interesting take on Patent Experimentalism: Local actors — patent examiners, judges, or even individual countries […]

Smoke and Mirrors: Lorillard Tobacco. v. California Imports

by Maximilian Meese In a time when tobacco companies operate in a haze of public scrutiny and health concerns, it is difficult for cigarette producers to keep a favorable trademark. For Lorillard, the oldest continuously operated tobacco company in the U.S., the struggle is no less real. Though Lorillard may not be a household name, […]

Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons

By Kristin Bergman. For the second time in the last decade, the Supreme Court was presented with the challenge of ruling on a question of gray market goods in intellectual property law. The case, Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (No. 11-697), decided March 19, 2013, highlights the tension between Section 602(a)(1) and Section […]

Apple v. Samsung, Damages Update

By Jason C. Williams On Friday March 1, 2013 Judge Lucy Koh handed down her decision regarding various motions that were filed on behalf of Apple Inc. (“Apple”) and Samsung Electronics Co. (“Samsung”) over the past few months post-trial. Specifically, Apple requested additur, supplemental damages, and prejudgment interest, while Samsung moved for a new trial […]

Gunn et al. v. Minton

By Jason C. Williams. On February 20, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on the question of whether a state law claim alleging legal malpractice in the handling of a patent case must be brought in federal court. The respondent Vernon Minton (“Minton”) developed a computer program and subsequent telecommunications network aimed […]

More IP-related Stories

Gunn v. Minton came down last week, holding that the issue of patent law involved in the malpractice claim of that case did not constitute a federal question and thus did not strip the state of jurisdiction.There’s a fair bit of analysis already. Dan Burk has an article up on Stanford Law Review Online exploring […]

More IP-related Stories

An interesting discussion of jurisdictional issues with respect to assignor estoppel by Jason Williams – a 3L at W&M and Events Chair for SIPS. I’ll let the article speak for itself, but briefly it concerns whether a patentee can assert a claim of assignor estoppel in an independent action against a party who was not […]

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