After Two Years, Spielberg is off the Hook

No, don’t worry. We’re not giving him a pass for the dismal Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He’ll have to live with that one for a long time (and it looks like he still hasn’t learned his lesson). Nope, this has to do with another Spielberg-LaBeouf collaboration: 2007’s Disturbia. Just after that film came out, […]

Twilight Trademark Battle Heating Up

By Ryen Rasmus Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels and their big-screen adaptations have been dividing the public into competing camps for some time now: Twilighters (aka Fangirls, aka Twihards, aka Twitards) v. Anti-Twilighters, Team Edward v. Team Jacob,  Movie-lovers v. Book-purists. Now, however, one Twilight feud is making its way into court. Last week, TMZ reported […]

Trademark? Who Dat?!

The Saints and the Colts? Fuggeddaboudit. An even uglier matchup is brewing down in New Orleans this week: The National Football League  v. The Big Easy. And from the looks of things, this battle might not be over for a good long time. The trouble started several days ago, when a number of New Orleanian […]

70’s Artists Set to Hit Labels on the Chin in 2013

By Ryen Rasmus Recently, Wired brought an interesting copyright issue to the forefront, and – unusually enough – this time it’s the record companies that may end up being hauled into court. Though they’re doing all they can to find a way around it, a number of labels are poised to take a major hit […]

Disney Isn’t Taking Any Chances

By Ryen Rasmus It is a well-known fact that the Walt Disney Company is one of the most zealous and litigious defenders of intellectual property in the entertainment arena. Whether the Company is suing daycare providers for putting up unauthorized Mickey and Minnie wall murals or engaging in several years’ worth of litigation to decide […]

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