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Gunn v. Minton came down last week, holding that the issue of patent law involved in the malpractice claim of that case did not constitute a federal question and thus did not strip the state of jurisdiction.There’s a fair bit of analysis already. Dan Burk has an article up on Stanford Law Review Online exploring […]

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An interesting discussion of jurisdictional issues with respect to assignor estoppel by Jason Williams – a 3L at W&M and Events Chair for SIPS. I’ll let the article speak for itself, but briefly it concerns whether a patentee can assert a claim of assignor estoppel in an independent action against a party who was not […]

More IP-related Stories

Chubby Checker (real name Ernest Evans), a musician, is bringing a half-billion dollar suit against HP, alleging among other charges trademark infringement and dilution. The reason? A $0.99 novelty app by the same name used to estimate penis size. Discovery will be interesting. In other trademark infringement news, Tiffany sues Costco over alleged counterfeit diamond […]

More IP-related Stories

A judge rules that because a Batmobile is itself a fictional character, selling custom Batmobiles can violate copyright protections. H/T Prof. Heymann, who adds that this would make a good case to blog about in depth for anyone interested in a topic. James Alexander has posted at SSRN a new look at the Statute of […]

Upcoming Oral Argument in Myriad

Oral arguments have been set in Myriad for April 15, 2013. You may recall from an earlier post here that the Supreme Court recently remanded Myriad back to the Federal Circuit to reconsider in light of its holding in Prometheus. The Federal Circuit issued basically the same opinion, with little weight given to Prometheus (as […]

More IP-related stories

Shining some sunlight on patent trolls: Company claims patent on podcasting, “[a]pparatus for disseminating a series of episodes represented by media files via the Internet as said episodes become available.” TechDirt has more. David Post explores copyright nonsense that made its way into a 9th Circuit case. In other news, Justice Scalia doesn’t much care […]

Interesting IP-related Links

We’re instituting a new policy at the SIPS blog, designed to highlight interesting IP-related news or other material that may be of interest to members, and to keep the blog contents from getting too stale. Members are encouraged to either submit their own posts, or to e-mail the blog editors links that may be of […]

lululemon athletica Files Suit for Yoga Pant Patent Infringement

By Rachel Cannon. On August 13, lululemon athletica, the dominant name in designer yoga apparel, filed suit against Calvin Klein, alleging infringement on three patents for yoga pants and capris. While the infringing pants ($60) are no longer available on Calvin Klein’s website, yoga apparel enthusiasts can still purchase lululemon’s astro pant ($98), depicted in […]

Update: Yoga as Copyrightable IP

By Rachel Cannon. Following up on a previous post, the Copyright Office has taken an official position on registering compilations, which was at issue with Bikram’s yoga-posture-sequencing lawsuits. According to the policy statement published in the June 22 Federal Register, the Office will refuse registration unless a compilation of materials results a work of authorship […]

Lawsuit Threatens to Change the Way We Research

By: Barbara Stansil Almost anyone who has been even remotely acquainted with the legal profession is familiar with the Westlaw and LexisNexis search engines. For those who aren’t familiar, these search engines provide access to databases containing statutes, cases, briefs and much more for a fee.  While most of us see these one-stop shops to […]

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